A Game of Throw-ins: Westeros meets the Premier League (Series 2)

House Tyrell - Tottenham Hotspur

With a wealth of resources at their disposal and their words Growing Strong, the Tyrells are always concerned about building for the future and eager to compete with the strongest and most reputable in Westeros. Likewise, Spurs have grown from strength to strength in recent years, coming close to the Premier League throne a couple of times but never quite having enough to win it all.

Moreover, the Tyrells of Highgarden are very proud of their beautiful home, much like Spurs fans, who now boast one of the most attractive and stylish stadiums in English football.

Tottenham's ascent has been pioneered by their chairman, Daniel Levy (Mace Tyrell), but fans are still questioning his leadership - despite steering the club in the right direction, he has made his fair share of dubious and unpopular decisions along the way.

Instead, fans are most excited by their knight in shining armour, Harry Kane (Loras Tyrell), who has established himself as both the nation's sweetheart and one of the best competitors in the league. Just as his Westerosi counterpart does in jousting tourneys, Kane seems to deliver when it really matters.

House Tully - Stoke City

Located in the midlands and on the River Trent, Stoke City bears comparison to House Tully, whose seat of power is Riverrun.

Due to House Tully’s vulnerable geographical position, they have established a robust and resilient identity in defending against foreign invaders. Similarly, Stoke City turned their home into a fortress during their time in the Premier League - their opponents certainly knew Stoke were ready for a fight on those rainy Tuesday nights.

This approach was epitomised by their manager, Tony Pulis (The Blackfish), whose solid, tough and unfashionable style kept him in office for many years, as Stoke battened down the hatches and prepared to defend.

Eventually, the siege of Stoke was unsuccessful. The club has since suffered a major collapse and fans are desperate to make a comeback. It may be a while yet.

House Arryn - Swansea City

Although they still want to be part of Westeros, the Arryns keep to themselves and are very proud of where they’re from, rarely leaving the Eyrie. Swansea fans are exactly the same: they want their club to be part of the English Premier League but love reminding everyone that they’re Welsh and always will be.

What's more, both Swansea and House Arryn convey a sense of grace and virtue in their respective styles, symbolised by the majestic bird engraved on their crests.

Once the smallest player in the Premier League at 5’4, Leon Britton (Robin Arryn) often had to pick battles with those far stronger than him. Nevertheless, a loyal servant to the club, he eventually led Swansea both as captain and as caretaker manager.

House Bolton - Sunderland

Situated in the north, Sunderland has a fierce rivalry with Newcastle, as the Boltons do with the Starks. By using their nickname ‘The Black Cats’, Sunderland fans hope to bring bad fortune to anyone who dares to cross them. The painted black cat on the side of the stadium is designed to strike fear into opponents, rather like the Bolton’s flayed man.

One of Sunderland's greatest moments in recent history was relegating their bitter rivals, back when Sam Allardyce (Roose Bolton) pulled off their great escape. What made the situation even more tragic for Newcastle was that Big Sam had double crossed them; despite formerly swearing allegiance to the Toon, Allardyce symbolically put a dagger through the heart of Alan Shearer (Robb Stark) - Newcastle's manager at the the time - by beating Everton 3-0 on the final day of the season.

Nowadays, the roles have reversed, and Sunderland is in complete freefall. Wearside faithful, Lee Cattermole (Ramsay Bolton), has since tried to marshal a retaliation by fair means or foul. His ability to relish the ugly and underhanded side of the game has helped Sunderland stop the rot, but they've still got a long way to go.

Next time: Series 3, including House Martell, House Mormont, House Targaryen and the White Walkers!

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