A Game of Throw-ins: Westeros meets the Premier League (Series 1)

Updated: May 20, 2020

It's hard not to see the Premier League as A Song of Ice and Fire at the moment; Pep's ice-cool Manchester City and Klopp's red-hot Liverpool are the only two clubs seriously fighting for the crown.

However, it was never always like this. A long time ago, there was a Game of Thrones, where all the great clubs of the Premier League wrestled for domestic glory...

House Lannister - Manchester United

A long time ago, the rich, renowned and reputable Red Devils dominated football.

Consequently, Manchester United became more or less known in every corner of the world, much like their Lannister counterparts. Their crest of gold and crimson even resembles the Lannister colours rather aptly.

Thanks to the club's strategic figurehead Sir Alex Ferguson (Tywin Lannister), United wore the Premier League crown for generations. Sir Alex's dynasty were the enviable villains of the league, with many of their rivals desperate to unseat them.

What's more, United's fame and renown was championed by their celebrity figure, David Beckham (Jaime Lannister), whose dashing good looks and plethora of hairstyles made him one of the most recognisable faces in the world during their reign.

Nowadays, after losing Sir Alex, United's power has plummeted, and the club is eager to rediscover their inner strength and ferocity - outlined in the Lannister words Hear Me Roar.

United will be desperate just to finish in the Champions League after this campaign - they need that money to continue paying their debts...

House Stark - Newcastle United

Newcastle United are known for being strong, loyal and deeply rooted in northern values. They were once a very powerful club in the league, using St. James Park (Winterfell) as a fortress to fend off competitors.

Back when Kevin Keegan (Eddard Stark) was in charge, the northerners crossed swords with Manchester United in a fight for the crown. Sadly, King Kev couldn't bring Newcastle glory and they were forced to sit back and watch Sir Alex's men sit on the throne and dominate football instead.

Their noble attacker, Alan Shearer (Robb Stark), rekindled some form of hope for Newcastle fans, but ultimately, his valiant efforts fell short.

After years of fighting for their survival in the league, Newcastle's fortunes now seem to be changing - the (Three-Eyed) Magpies may soon have the support and resources to once again contend for the crown.

House Baratheon - Chelsea

Chelsea are a powerful club with a rich history; they usurped the Premier League throne by force and have become major players in the game of title races ever since. The Baratheon words Our's is the Fury aptly resembles Chelsea's resilient philosophy.

Members of the Baratheon family also tend to be powerfully built and sport strong jawlines, epitomising the bullish players that have brought Chelsea their success over the years.

Nobody embodies this physique better than Chelsea's warrior, John Terry (Stannis Baratheon). His bravery and leadership on the field of battle was unquestionable but some decisions he made in his private life had us doubting his moral compass...

Chelsea's overly confident and impulsive king, José Mourinho (Joffrey Baratheon), was also wrapped up in controversy; he enjoyed gloating when things went his way but often sulked when he lost, which eventually contributed to the mutiny staged against him. He was the sort of king viewers loved to hate and hated to love.

House Greyjoy - West Ham United

Originally founded as the Thames Ironworks in 1895, West Ham’s roots come from shipbuilding. This instantly bears comparison to the Greyjoys in Westeros, who boast large warships known as the Iron Fleet.

On top of that, the club's tribal chant 'Come on you Irons' has stayed with West Ham throughout their history, whilst House Greyjoy ceremoniously hold ironborn initiations to pay homage to their ancestors.

Although they are not particularly attractive or compelling in style, the club's loyal supporters are with them to the death, and that's what they pride themselves on.

Andy Carroll (Theon Greyjoy) showed so much promise early on but after years of sustained injuries (including a particularly nasty one to the groin), he was never able to reach his full potential. Although he's struggled to understand his place in the league and discover his true identity, Carroll recently decided he belongs in the North with Newcastle.

Next time: Series 2, including House Tully, House Arryn, House Tyrell and House Bolton!

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