A Game of Throw-ins: Westeros meet the Premier League (Series 3)

House Targaryen - Liverpool

Much like the Targaryens, who reigned supreme for generations, Liverpool ruled English football during '70s and '80s. Their era of dominance has since been written into the history books as one of the greatest dynasties to have graced the game. However, both Liverpool and House Targaryen have since been kicked off their respective thrones and are desperate to regain their monarchical status.

At one time, many believed that Fernando Torres (Rhaegar Targaryen) would be the man to bring glory back to Liverpool. However, despite his majestic talents (and golden mane of hair), the promising fighter was eventually destroyed by Chelsea (the Baratheons).

Luis Suárez (Viserys Targaryen) was the next player to challenge the throne in a Liverpool shirt. Although he had the credentials to make a fine king in the Premier League, he couldn't quite get his hands on the crown. These days, viewers simply remember him as an unethical villain who cried when it all went wrong.

Nevertheless, after years of upset and disappointment, the Reds are now on their way back to the top, having recruited several foreign assets in their mission for world domination. What's more, their fearsome dragons (Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino) have helped make Liverpool one of the most dangerous armies around.

White Walkers - Manchester City

Having managed to grow a chilling and powerful army in a very short period of time, the resurrected and rejuvenated Manchester City have made significant ground in their mission to take over the world. Thanks to their flawless depth on the pitch, City have become villains in the Premier League and most of their rivals are hoping their blue eyes will one day close forever.

City's ice-cool leader, Pep Guardiola (The Night King), excels at breaking through defensive walls with his magical and revolutionary style. Many believe that, once Guardiola is stopped, their era of dominance will finally come to an end.

House Martell - Arsenal

Whether they win or lose, Arsenal keep to a glamorous and elegant style of play. This bears resemblance to House Martell, who have always possessed some of the most attractive suitors in Westeros.

Whilst the Martells build strong connections with their traders in Essos, Arsenal also network overseas, attracting talented foreign players to help maintain their stylish identity.

No player currently epitomises this more than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Oberyn Martell), who learned his craft in foreign lands. The spirited and dynamic leader came to the capital to topple the giants and become a champion, but it hasn't quite worked out as planned.

Moreover, the Martells were ruled successfully for many years by Arsène Wenger (Doran Martell), who was renowned for his thoughtful and methodical style. Although he was once loved by his people, they became tired of his approach, began a revolution and eventually stabbed him in the back. Perhaps now they look back and fear they made a mistake...

But even without regular silverware, Arsenal fans love to echo the Martell words Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, reminding the world that they are still the only Premier League team to achieve an invincible season.

House Mormont - Leeds United

Situated in the north, Leeds were once a force to be reckoned with, but they’ve been a shadow of their former selves for a long while now. Much like House Mormont, it is widely believed that members of the Leeds' camp have a history of unlawfully spying on opponents, which has brought the club great shame in recent years. Leeds are now fighting to mend their reputation and still hope to prosper in the Premier League very soon.

Leeds fans still follow the journey of their graduate, James Milner (Jorah Mormont), who began his career with the Whites. After leaving Elland Road for pastures new, Milner struggled to find a true home until he joined Liverpool (the Targaryens). Now a loyal and dependable commodity in Liverpool’s army, he is desperate to help the club reclaim what's theirs.

And finally...

The Night's Watch - Match Officials

Both Premier League referees and the men of the Night's Watch religiously follow rules and don’t get anywhere near the credit they deserve. Officials excel at upholding traditions and ignoring criticism; as much as they don't want to be a part of Premier League politics, they are forced to act impartially and diplomatically at all times.

Although it has raised some controversy, VAR (the Three-Eyed Raven) has recently been introduced to help officials. Nowadays, referees are able to rewatch important events before making key decisions, but it does mean the viewers are utterly confused as to what's going on. Ultimately, we know how hard their job is but that doesn't stop us blaming them.

You know nothing, Mike Dean...

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